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Recent News

New Invasive Species Coordinator
September, 2014: The SKCDC welcomes Ahdia Hassan as our new invasives species coordinator. She will be managing and promoting the use of iMapInvasives - an interactive online mapping and data management tool that tracks invasive plant & animal species. You can learn more about Ahdia on our staff page.
Updates to Data Loadforms
August 12, 2014: Updated versions of the data loadforms found on the Government of Saskatchewan Research Permit web site have been posted.
Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan
July 29, 2014: The Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan for Saskatchewan has been updated as of June 2014 and is available for download now.
The Plan, originally put together in 2012, contains the most updated information about the status of the bird in the province, as well as an analysis of the threats that affect the species. It identifies efforts needed in four main categories: population assessment and monitoring, habitat identification and assessment, threat mitigation and partnership collaboration. The goals of the plan are to ensure that a Greater Sage-Grouse population persists in Saskatchewan, and to manage Greater Sage-Grouse habitat to benefit both the species and the sagebrush-steppe ecosystem, ensuring that no other species at risk are negatively impacted but potentially benefit from these conservation actions. Take a look!
Proposed Red List for Saskatchewan Lichens
July 24, 2014: A new report has been published by Bernard de Vries & the SKCDC: The Proposed Red List for Saskatchewan Lichens.
Updates to COSEWIC statuses
June 5, 2014: COSEWIC met in May, 2014 to discuss and evaluate the status of wildlife species in Canada.
The result was a change to the COSEWIC statuses of the following Saskatchewan species:
Western Grebe - Special Concern
Dakota Skipper - Endangered (previously threatened)
Mormon Metalmark (Prairie Population) - Special Concern (previously threatened)
Gypsy Cuckoo Bumble Bee - Endangered
Western Bumble Bee, occidentalis subspecies - Threatened
To see the complete list and reasons for designation, refer to COSEWIC Wildlife Species Assessments (detailed version), May 2014.
Updates to Plant S-Ranks and Tracking Statuses
May 22, 2014: The Botanical Assessment Working Group has recently reassessed the ranks of seven species. A summary of the reassessments can be found here.
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