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SKCDC Completes Major Review for the General Status Program
January 26, 2017

Every five years, the General Status of Species in Canada project releases a Wild Species report that provides a snapshot of the status of wildlife in Canada. In preparation for the 2015 report (now available for download from the Wild Species web site), the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre has completed a major review of the subnational ranks (S-ranks) for taxa ("elements") found in this province:

Group # of Taxa for which the S-rank was Reviewed # of Taxa for which the S-rank was Changed* # of Taxa added**
Fungi/Lichens 320 76 13
Invertebrates 5936 5858 4069
Nonvascular Plants 409 196 144
Vascular Plants 1658 779 54
Vertebrates 588 250 1
Total 8911 7159 4281
*includes added Taxa
**added Taxa may include species newly found in the province, species that have undergone taxonomic revisions, or species that were previously missing from the SKCDC database

View list of species new to the SKCDC tracking list.

This was a significant review of the status of Saskatchewan's flora and fauna that will provide a better understanding of the taxa most in need of targeted conservation efforts and data collection.

Updated ranks and taxa listings can be found on the SKCDC species lists.

Update: Following the assessment of the conservation statuses of almost 30,000 species across Canada for the 2015 Wild Species Report, NatureServe Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service were awarded the Scientific and Technological Acheivement Award by NatureServe. The SKCDC was proud to be a part of this process.